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    Thanks Claire for your kind words. I would have responded sooner but those little boxes at the top of the page are so small I hardly ever notice them.
    Frankie reminded me so much of Mandy and what good is taking photos if you can't sharre them with others. I hope I don't bore the board with them.
    Now little Kenny is another pup that can be boxed up and shipped to me. Corgis are such delightful dogs and Mandy has a few Corgi friends that she adores. It also helps that Kenny shares the name of my youngest son. Although your Kenny is much cuter and I am sure easier to manage.
    Thanks again
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    Reply from simpte:

    Hi Carol--If you haven't guessed by now, I pretty much live for Foto Friday. Please keep it coming!
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    I'm long overdue kudoing you--this one is for the "chaining" link.


    Reply from simpte:

    THANKS! :)